Palace of the Princes of Villadorata

CITY: Noto

Baroque exuberance echoes in a palace with unique and artistically imaginative features.

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Baroque exuberance echoes in a palace with unique and artistically imaginative features.

The Palace of the Princes of Villadorata is something spectacular; restored to its former glory, it shows the wealth and opulence that the city experienced in a now long gone era. It has about 90 rooms in pure Baroque style; its design is attributed to Rosario Gagliardi and it dates back to the early decades of the 1700's, although it took until 1765 to finish building; Gagliardi's student Vincenzo Sinatra also contributed. It was the urban residence of the noble Nicolaci family, which has retained ownership of one of the wings, whereas the other belongs to the City of Noto. The palace has several beautifully decorated balconies enclosed by sinuous curved railings. The decorations include sirens, sphinxes, hippogriffs, winged horses and more. All these decorations give a special harmony to the whole building. A wing of Palazzo Nicolaci houses the Municipal Library, founded by the City in 1817 thanks to the generosity of individuals, especially the Prince of Villadorata; it now has thousands of books and various Latin and Spanish manuscripts, as well as a gallery of portraits of illustrious men from Noto donated by Baron Astuto. The Library is but one of the ways the city of Noto honours its cultural tradition. In 1503, Ferdinand the Catholic bestowed on the city the title of Most Ingenious, due to the erudition of many of its citizens, and it was also known as the Famous and the Learned.

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Tel: 320.5568038 - 338.7427022 - 329.2527585

Visiting hours: daily 10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. Rates: Ticket € 4

Reduced ticket for groups of 25 people € 2.00

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City: Noto

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